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Joel Prescott

Joel has played drums for almost 25 years. He’s played and recorded in many different styles with many artists and bands. He’s had years of formal training, including an Associate Arts degree in music, and private instruction from noted instructors such as Terry Bozzio and David Garibaldi, to name a few.

Joel has played and recorded with many famous bands and artists, including Ian Gillian of Deep Purple, Spencer Davis, Rosie Flores, John Avila of Oingo Boingo, and Tower of Power.

With every performance he brings to the table serious musical energy and foundation, making for a great sound and rhythm.

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Ray Wolf

Ray Wolf has been performing as a vocalist and musician since the age of twelve. As both a performer and an audio mixer, he was involved in the music scene in Northeast Ohio during the Post-Punk era when that region was a hotbed for burgeoning New Wave artists like DEVO, The Dead Boys, Pere Ubu, The Waitresses, Teacher’s Pet, The Rubber City Rebels and others. A 4-piece, guitar & vocal-driven band, Hammer Damage, was one of the most popular and talented (although unsigned) local acts and Ray was their sound tech and crew manager. When the bassist departed, Ray filled that position and recorded what was to be their debut indie album with them, but unfortunately, the group disbanded before its release. 

Ray had a 4-piece Rock band that played all around Northern Ohio, then he joined the well-known Cleveland club band, Perfect Stranger, early in 1985. They migrated to Southern California and shared stages with artists such as BTO, Fiona, and Steve Jones, formerly of the Sex Pistols. While playing places like Gazzari’s, Madame Wong’s and The FM Station, the band attracted the interest of drummer Michael Huey, known for his work with Walter Egan and Glenn Frey. With his production assistance, they recorded demos at Orange County’s Headway Group, the renowned Can Am Recorders and the legendary Cherokee Studios in Hollywood. 

From 1989 through 2007, Ray worked in the television industry for acclaimed independent producer/director, Andrew Solt, as an Emmy-nominated and Grammy-winning video editor and audio engineer. Solt’s production company, based in the heart of the Sunset Strip was just up the block from the Roxy Theater and the Whisky A Go-Go, and Ray always kept a hand in music, and was ultimately privileged to perform at both those world-famous venues. 

For the past several years, Ray has been freelancing behind the camera, producing and directing internet videos for the endorsement of products and services. He has also been providing the equipment and the expertise for sound reinforcement presentations of various types including concerts, club dates and community events, while continuing to record and perform with local musical artists.

Jeff Mckibben

Guitar Virtuoso Jeff Mckibben has been shredding up his guitar and belting out vocals since he was 8 years old. Jeff has played in countless groups such as Stronghold (KLOS Rock to Riches Winner), Rosie and the Originals, Big Top, Wordsmyth and The McKibben Band. Jeff has shared the stage with 38 Special, John Waite, Thin Lizzy, Robin Trower, The Tubes, Tommy Shaw & Jack Blades, Darrell Mansfield, and Bobby Kimball, just to name a few. In addition, Jeff has been a Session Guitarist for a variety of groups from Animotion to Union of Saints. He has even crossed The Country Western line a few times.

In addition to his work with Beat 60, Jeff currently has several projects in the works... He has his own original group THE MCKIBBEN BAND (Melodic Rock), STRAIGHT SHOOTER (A Bad Company Tribute band with Dexter Espinoza on Lead Vocals), and also plays lead guitar for The Legendary Rockers Band (who has backed arists such as Bobby Kimball of Toto, Bill Champlin and Danny Seraphine of Chicago, Sean McNabb Quiet Riot, Spencer Davis and Robin Mc Auley of McAuley Schenker Group, and Survivor.

While guitar is Jeff’s forte, he also plays keyboards (including Hammond B3), Percussion, and Bass. He’s a master at recording and producing and is also an accomplished songwriter and composer. Jeff currently resides in Southern California with his wife and family.

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Tom Malkus

Tom is the songwriter and producer for Beat 60’s music. Tom’s influences include the Beatles, Tom Petty, U2, Foo Fighters, and many others. His eclectic range of music has lead him to write songs in different genres, including rock, pop, dance, country, r&b, and reggae. Many of his
songs mix different genres within the same recording, giving them a unique sound.

Tom’s voice gives Beat 60 a sound that is both familiar and new, hence, the term “new classic rock” is what the band calls its music. He also plays piano and electric keys on many of the recordings. His 1980’s band, The Fact, was a regular on the Orange County scene, and now he’s
bringing his musical sensibilities to Beat 60.

Brian Webster

Brian Webster has been in the music business for more than 50 years. He is a multi-instrumentalist, as well as a studio musician, live producer, and sound engineer. He has recorded and toured with over 500 major, minor and local musicians.


These days he spends his time recording various artists with a mobile studio and jamming with friends. He is the principal engineer of Beat 60’s Starfire Lane album, and he played guitar on several of the tracks.

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